I thought you were dead.

You should put your ideas in writing.

My mother brought him to my room.

Can you recommend a good motel in the area?

There are significant differences between those two countries.

Ken has never visited Kyoto.

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We're in the middle of an emergency.

You'd better see for yourself.

We can eat lunch on the bus.


She thinks about cocks all the time.

I would often go fishing in the lake.

She knows many things.

Teresa certainly acted drunk.

It's very obvious that Ralf likes me.

My job is safe.

Strength in unity.


Mr. Oh came to Japan to study Japanese.

We're almost out of gas.

My last husband was really stupid.


There is a crumb in his beard.

The storm is getting worse.

Leigh didn't know when Francisco's birthday was.

It seems we have more than one problem.

Yuriko, a marine biology grad student, fell asleep inside a fish tank and awoke covered in octopuses and starfish.

What enthusiasm they work with!

Can we get started?

We'll topple this dictatorship.

I won the fight.

I enjoyed watching the game.

Our letters probably crossed in the mail.

I used to play in that park.

He fell in love with the beautiful princess.

I don't get it.

The king is coming.

I know I'm not a likable guy.

Major avoided looking at Duncan.


Do you really love Piotr?

We turned left at the corner and drove north.

I made up my mind to go there.


Parents should monitor their children's whereabouts.


Toufic sang off key.

She used to play tennis with him.

He must be crazy to talk like that.

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You can't buy this.

You heard the news?

He lived a busy life.

Since having given up smoking, I feel much better.

The cat curled up on the soft rabbit fur.

It's important that he hears this.

I want to ask her something.

Eric's yelling.

I rent a room by the month.

The mobile phone you have dialed is either switched off or outside the coverage area, please try again later.

The first one leaves at 17.30 and arrives at 20.25.


I thought Van would stop by and say hello.

Younger Cubans tend to tune into the American television network.

Ask the policeman the way.


It was easy for them to find a hotel.

It's impossible to reason with a drunk.

My mark for the English examination was close to the average mark of the class.

I have a surprise for you guys.

We looked all over for them.

Making money is his main purpose in life.

We need a timekeeper.

They could've gone anywhere.

I was just scared.

Humans are lazy.

Daddy, I'll stop doing theater and won't sing anymore.

She got all dolled up for her big date.

I'd feel happier if you three went outside again.

She asked us to dinner.

Russell promised Adrian that he'd pay back all the money that he'd borrowed from her.

The police believe the victim knew his killer.

We meet every Monday night.

How lucky!

I looked for him.


I kept company with him since we were students.

Carol lives in Chicago.

Florian is very unreliable.

Brooke was positive that the camera Catherine had was his, but it wasn't.

She gave me plenty to eat.

She doesn't wash the dishes.

Are you going in costume this year?


It only works on Windows.

I know it won't be easy.

I want to see if I can find out what happened to those men.

Have they done that?

The date on the calendar was September 23, 1964.

Hazel shook his head uncomprehendingly.

I have another obligation.

He speaks English very well.

We can't leave.


I don't think I could ever get used to this smell.

That's what I'm going to do.

Would you like me to give you a ride home?

She was fully clothed.

The website is down.

Collin has done nothing.

Kathleen was halfway out the door when the phone rang.


She's an honest girl.

Darci isn't the only guy here.

I don't know what I should say.


I'd rather go to the mountains in summer.


It has nothing to do with real life.

The distance between stars is measured in light years.

This is a good hiding place.

John hates me and it shows.

I thought Rajiv was nice.

Mickey went to get Graham another drink.

Miki didn't really want to deal with the situation.

He slipped me a note.

I was forced to make a bow.

The price they are charging seems reasonable.

Come back soon!

The question is how did Lum do it.

I am adamant that he undertake it.


I knew Jarmo would stop Masanobu.

Who's ready for more?

Have you ever driven manual?

They hoped to change their outlook and plans.

I'm not going to be able to fly on that day.


She is an appalling cook.

Japan has enjoyed prosperity since the war.

They waved good-bye to their parents as the train pulled out.

I burst into tears.

You will be absent for three days.


There are few volunteers here at the headquarters.

One drop of this poison is enough to kill 160 people.

What did you hope to accomplish?

She sometimes ditches school just for the hell of it.

I will ask him about it tomorrow.

He plays the piano.

Can we make one of those?

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I hope you will be pleased with this present.

Who will take care of your cat then?

I need my bag.

You're all hungry, aren't you?

Olivier said he would come to the wedding.

We'll have a great time tomorrow.

I'm trying to get some help.

My tight wad husband took me to McDonald's for our anniversary.

I'm sorry, boss, but I believe you owe me a weekend's worth. That's about 150 dollars.

Charles and Blayne named their son after the doctor who delivered him.

Those who have no children educate them well.


I have practiced piano every day for fifteen years.

They're eating brioche bread.

We kept on working for hours without eating anything.

Getting to the bus stop, he found the bus had left.

When are you going to get dinner ready?

You can't bury the truth.

Jones lit the match.

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Do you know where he could have hidden his money?


Vern agreed to that.

She should never have gone in the first place!

These operations are technically impossible.

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That is not one of my priorities.


She unlocked the car door by means of a hairpin.

I'm not a good beachcomber. I only pick up pieces of broken glass where others collect coins and things.

I think I have a solution.

Some wild cats live under my neighbor's house.

I bought this for my brother.

She remained single all her life.

We should leave something for our children.

I got acquainted with the chief executive.

Millicent adopts one new baby from a foreign country every year, which is a lot of effort to have someone live with you and shit on your carpet.

Anderson felt sympathy for Rahul.

Who's ill?

I don't really think that you're helping the situation.

All my problems are over.

My love for my dog was very deep.

Lowell has a powerful grip.

The room was dark.

Christian won't come out of his room.

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I told her to wear a tie.